How To Store Gasoline Long Term? Working Methods!

It’s hard to go a day without using fuel. So, it is often necessary to keep some fuel on hand for times of emergency situations. The most commonly used fuel is gasoline. But all fuels have their own definite shelf-life. There are some ways in which you can extend this lifespan. So, you must be thinking, how to store Gasoline long-term?

Actually, the easiest thing to do is to add a stabilizing agent to your store of gasoline. It helps to increase the half-life. Also, it would be best if you stored it properly, maintaining all precautions. Only then will it stay fresh for a long time.

So, before you start to hoard gallons of gasoline in your garage, you must know how to do it properly. You must also have a clear idea of the shelf-life of gasoline, and you must be able to tell when your stock of gasoline has gone bad! Therefore, please read the entire article to have a complete guide explaining all these facts.

For How Long Can You Store Gasoline?

Basically, the shelf-life of Gasoline will determine how long you can store it. A regular, stored amount can remain good for as long as three to six months. With proper precautions, you can extend this time up to a year!

Nowadays, gas is a standard fuel. Compressed or decompressed gas has replaced the use of kerosene, petrol, diesel, etc., in most cases now. Gasoline has its own perks of service, and you can store a good amount of Gasoline for your future needs and uses. Also, a similar amount of other liquid fuel is more expensive and dangerous than normal Gasoline.

So, you can use Gasoline rather than kerosene or diesel. Now, if you are planning to store Gasoline, you need to educate yourself first. All things in this world are perishable, and everything goes terrible once in its lifetime. Gasoline is no different from this law of nature!

While you can store gallons of Gasoline at home, there is a timeframe and some rules to how you should do it. Actually, Gasoline is a mixture of some volatile organic substances. These substances cannot function at full capacity indefinitely.

So, if you have one gallon of gasoline, it can remain good for up to six months. After this time, the organic compounds may start to lose their volatility or other properties.

It depends on how well you maintain the storage conditions. Usually, the average shelf-life is about three to six months. Gasoline contains complex molecular bonds, and exposure to air or water may break these bonds and make the compound unstable. It is one of the reasons for the shorter half-life.

However, you can extend this shelf-life if you want. After three to six months, most gasoline compounds become more flammable. It becomes risky to store gasoline then. So, if you want to safely store gasoline, add a little bit of Sta-Bil to it; it will protect the gasoline from going bad. In this way, you can store gasoline for up to a year!

How To Store Gasoline Properly?

To be fair, a lot of people do not know the correct ways to store gasoline. Actually, this is the reason why people are unable to store gasoline for long periods of time and for emergencies.

Now, there are some basic guidelines on storing gasoline. If you follow these correctly, you are sure to save your stocks for a year at least! Read the next part to find out in detail.

  • The container in which you are storing the Gasoline must be completely air-tight. Gasoline is itself air, and if you don’t close the lid properly, the gas can escape mostly. Besides, the containers must be leakage-proof.
  • For containers, choose materials that are inert and do not react with the volatile organic compounds. Usually, steel or plastic can serve well.
  • Keep the container in a cool and dry atmosphere away from sunlight, heat, moisture, etc. It is the ultimate point that most people miss out on!
  • It would help if you did not keep these containers inside your house. The gases can be flammable and very poisonous when inhaled. So, always store them outdoors, say, in your garage. Label the container with some ink or simply take a red-colored container in the first place. It will help you identify the Gasoline quickly.
  • Add labels like flammable, keep out of reach of children, or no smoking. These can prevent unwanted accidents.
  • The containers must meet the OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) standards and fire codes. This is compulsory for people in the USA.
  • There are laws regarding how much Gasoline you can store at once in a given location. Usually, some places allow up to five gallons, and some may allow up to 15 to 25 gallons. So, do your homework and know the laws first.
  • Buy Gasoline from good brands that don’t do adulteration. Also, add some stabilizers to promote its lifeline and keep its quality unaffected.
  • Ethanol is a highly flammable substance. So, when you buy Gasoline, double-check if it contains any amount of ethanol or not. Do not buy the ones that contain ethanol, and it will be risky to store these.
  • You can absorb these with paper, sawdust, or old clothes if some gas has spilled. If a vast amount has spilled, collect this in a container. You need to check with the state laws as to how to dispose of gasoline in your area.

How To Understand That Your Gasoline Has Gone Bad?

Like everything else in the world, Gasoline has its own life too. You need to know the signs of expired old Gasoline. It will help you to detect whether it is suitable for use or not yet.

Actually, Gasoline is a gaseous substance. So, it is not an easy job to understand when it goes wrong. Naturally, when any gaseous substance turns terrible, the first thing you can notice is its peculiar color and odor.

Gasoline attains a particularly dark color when it rots. Moreover, it lets out an offensive, sour smell which can be detected even from a distance. If you still can’t understand, you can compare this with a container of fresh Gasoline. It will help you know what fresh and good Gasoline smells and looks like and, side by side, what expired Gasoline smells like!

If it is in your car, you can tell by the behavior of the vehicle itself. The vehicle will fail to accelerate or gain speed despite your efforts. Also, there may be weird noises or constant tripping. Using bad Gasoline in cars can adversely affect the engine of the car. It can damage the engine and ultimately affect your car! In some cases, it may cause an explosion!

Gasoline that contains ethanol goes terrible in a few months. When it goes off, you can sense the smell of turpentine coming from it. Usually, most commercially produced types of Gasoline contain about 10% stabilizers added to them. Sometimes, this amount is not enough. Particularly, in the case of ethanol containing Gasoline, they go bad real fast!

Sometimes, the knocking of an engine may confuse you that the gas has gone bad. But the real issue might be something else. Like it could be an issue with the shock absorber or spring. However, it may also be due to the escape of Gasoline due to any hole or leak in the system. So, double-check everything if you notice something like this.


Fuels are increasingly on-demand, and most people now store them for their future uses. Actually, it is a wise thing to do, and it can save you time and money! However, storing Gasoline for a definite period might not be an easy task if you don’t know where and how to begin. So, now, if anybody asks you how to store Gasoline long-term, you know what to say!

You will need Gasoline in vehicles, lawnmowers, any engine-driven device, etc., that is to say, in anything possible. So, it is better if you keep some in store for yourself. Thank you for reading the entire article with patience. Have a nice day!

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