10 Facts About Knives That Might Surprise You

10 Facts About Knives That Might Surprise You

1. Not All Knives Have To Be Sharpened

While there are some claims that not all knives require sharpening however the reality of the fact is that over the time with constant use, just like any other tool, a knife also needs to be sharpened. While there are claims made by a few manufacturers that the knives made by their company do not require the extra touch however that is not the case. In order to maintain the durability of your knife, it is essential that you should sharpen it occasionally so that the sharpness can last just like how it was when it was new.

2. Dull Knives Are Safer Than Sharp Ones

Though this may sound a little logical however the fact is that it is not true. When you use a sharp knife, the pressure that you apply while using it is a lot less than, in comparison to a dull one. While using a dull knife, the pressure this applied to use it is a lot more which can result in the knife slipping out of our hands due to which we can end up hurting ourselves really bad and even result in the loss of a finger at times. We tend to lose control while using a dull knife.

3. For Longer Sharpness Use Blades Which Are Very Hard

The hardness of the edge of the blade is a really important factor however the reality of this myth is that these blades are more prone to get broken as the blades are very brittle. This also results in the blades chipping off due to which it can become dull and lose the original edge that the blade was designed for.

4. Never Gift A Knife To The Ones You Care About

Relationships are one of the most important things for a person, the myth about gifting knives to the one you care about can hamper your relation, this is because a knife is basically used to cut things and when you gift a knife it means that you are cutting the bond that you have with the person. This is just a thought, however, in reality, it does not work this way.

5. Stainless Steel Is Not Prone To Stain Or Rust

The reality of this myth is that the use of stainless steel while manufacturing knives is due to the fact that that it has a better resistance power to corrosions and rust. However, it is not 100% stain proof or rust proof. Just like any regular metal, when it is exposed to water for a longer duration, it tends to develop stains and even after a period of time, rust also forms. This is why just like any other knife, it is essential that you should maintain your knife in the right way.

6. For A Better Knife, Buy An Expensive One

A lot of times, we tend to go and get expensive things thinking that we are getting better quality. The fact of the matter is that it is not the pricing that plays a role however it is the quality of the materials that are used during the time of manufacturing. You do get really good knives at a very economical rate which can suit any budget as well as not be hard on the pocket. All it takes is proper knowledge and the eye to judge the material just by the look of it.

7. Sharpening The Knife Means There Has To Be Sparks

Most of the time people think that in order to sharpen the knife sparks have to come out during the process as the use of the grinder is the only way to sharpen a knife. However, the reality is that you are actually damaging the blade of the knife when you use this approach regularly. Due to the friction that is caused during the sharpening, it actually chips away from the blade slowly.

8. The Worn Out Edges Indicate A Dull Knife

The reality of this myth is the fact that the edges of the knife do not actually ware out however it actually folds. Though this cannot be seen through a naked eye, if you look carefully under a microscopic level the folding of the edge is the actually the reason for the dull knife.

9. The Material Of The Cutting Board Does Not Matter

The cutting board material plays a very important role in the long run. To ensure that you get the best durability of your knife, it is always best to use a wooden board instead of the ones that are made from other materials. The sharpness of the knife does not wear off due to the regular use for cutting food however it is also due to the material on which you are cutting on.

10. Storage Of The Knife Should Not Matter

While many people think that it is good to store the knife in a drawer, the fact of the matter is that it is not true. When you place a knife in a drawer, you are not only at risk to hurt yourself however there is also a chance that the blade of the knife can rub against everything else that is stored inside the drawer and result in the blades losing its sharpness.

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