10 Myths About Knives You Didn’t Know

10 Myths About Knives You Didn’t Know

One of the most primitive tools used by the human race is a knife. For this very reason, it is not a surprising matter that there are a number of strange superstitious beliefs surrounding this important household tool. These beliefs are not something that our forefathers thought off, but these superstitions are still believed by many in the present age. This article deals with the top 10 myths and beliefs that are associated with knives.

1. Some Knives stay Sharp forever

This is one of the most absurd claims made by certain manufacturers of knives. According to them, the knives they produce can never get dull, and thus, doesn’t need any sharpening. Though this is a very attractive claim and good news for anyone looking to buy a knife, it is very much a made up fact, or a myth. Although there are certain knives that actually don’t need sharpening, the logical explanation is that they are serrated. The serrated edges are like teeth and can saw through the material even if they are not really sharp. Still, to get an overall better performance from knives, even serrated one’s; they should be sharpened once in a while. If not done so, their performance will definitely be lower than the time when they were first used.

2. Dull Knives are Safer than the sharp ones

Logically, it might sound the right thing but actually, the truth is completely opposite. It is rightly said that dull knives don’t cut easily. So, when a person is looking to cut something, they will have to provide more force to do the job. Now, when they use more force than necessary, they tend to lose control of the knife and thus, run a chance of cutting themselves. On the other hand, a sharp knife cuts smoother and faster than the dull knife. Thus, one does not need to put extra force behind the knife to cut things. And accordingly, when the force is not extra, the knife stays under control and one seldom cuts their finger.

3. Harder Blades are more Durable and Stay Sharper Longer

Though this statement is partly true, in reality, it is a myth. For a good blade, hardness is an important factor but if the blade is only hard, there is a chance it might break. For a very good quality blade, it needs to be hard as well as flexible, so that it can adjust according to the thing it is cutting. This ensures that the blade is not broken easily.

4. Knives Should never be Gifted

It is a very common myth among people that if someone gifts another person a knife, their friendly relation will get hampered and a certain amount of enmity will form between them. Well, if this certain myth would have been true, the world wars would never have ended and all of us would be everyone else’s enemy. This is because pocket knives or ornamental knives are some of the most presented gifts in the world.

5. Stainless Steel Knives don’t Stain or Rust

This is not true only in the case of knives. Many believe the fact that stainless steel is indeed stainless and do not rust. Though it is much more resistive to natural or induced corrosion than other forms of steel, that doesn’t mean that it is 100% stain proof or rust proof. After exposure to water and corrosion, if the stainless steel is not taken care of properly, even they will rust. Though other forms will rust easily, this will take time but will surely rust.

6. More Expensive the Knife better is its Quality

This is a common notion among men regarding almost all kinds of products. Sometimes, the price of a certain product is much more due to its brand value, but there are still other similar products of other brands available that are not only of the same quality but are also quite cheaper.

7. Sparks always have to be created to Sharpen a Knife properly

We all have seen sparks flying when a person sharpens a knife in a classic motorized grinder. The sparks are basically hot pieces of the blade body that are getting rubbed off. Moreover, if too many sparks fly out, it means that the blade is surely damaged.

8. Guns are Better than Knives

Logically it might sound correct but it has been tested by professional combat experts that this, in fact, is not true. From a long range, of course, guns have a known advantage, but in close contact fighting, i.e., if the enemy is within 16 feet, a knife is considered to be more useful than guns.

9. Dull Knives have Worn Edges

The reality is that, when a knife gets old, the edge doesn’t wear off, but it actually folds on itself. This makes a u-type shape and thus it doesn’t cut that well.

10. Food dulls the Knives, not the cutting Boards

Another myth is that food wears off the knives edge, but actually that is not totally true. Since the cutting board is the object that stops the knife, they instill more damage than the food.

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