Mora Bushcraft Forest Knife Review

Morakniv Bushcraft Forest Fixed Blade

This is my review of the Mora Bushcraft Forest Knife. (names that tickle the ears of many of us), or simply Mora MG 2010 (MG … from Military Green)

Mora 2010 knife breaks the tradition into sober aesthetics Mora, coming much more pleasant handle both eye and hand (compared to its predecessor, Mora 2000).

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Besides the advantage of an ergonomic handle with an excellent outlet (providing very good conditions for use, regardless of medium, including gloves),


  • Mora uses four types of steel: Sandvik (S), carbon (C), triflex (T), laminate (L).
  • MG model 2010 is designed blade made of Sandvik 12C27 stainless steel.
  • In short, Sandvik Steel features such as flexible material, easy to maintain, keep a good edge on a long, resistant to moisture and corrosion (rust manufacturers say there), and although no large amount of carbon is easy to sharpen. Rockwell hardness scale is 57-58 (HRC).
  • Very low winter temperatures do not have such problems with it (Since we do not become brittle material).
  • Sandvik steel shows an even distribution of the material, providing a smoother and sharper edge, relative to most steels, as can be seen in the following images
  • The blade is provided with several areas that can be used for various activities:
  • The curve that starts from the top of the knife can be used skinned, boned, sculptured (finesse things),
  • While the area near the handle can be used to split, fire (things rough – considering that the blade is thicker in that area).
  • Between the two sections is a very smooth transition.

Mentioned that the blade is inserted deeper grip compared to other Mora models.
The sheath is made of a durable material and is provided with a hole for water drainage.

Both sheath and handle have a nice color, hot – olive green.

One thing that matters a lot to me (more on how that is used by the Swedish army) is that it is produced in Sweden with Swedish material.


Blade length – 10.1 cm.
blade width – 2.3 cm.
thickness – 2.4 mm.

Weight: 40 gr sheath. + Blade 100 gr. = 140 gr.


  • the first would be a few millimeters (is 8 mm. Less than its predecessor as Mora 2000)
  • another I would see less clamping system – is good (much better than the other models, the space in which you can enter the strap is 6.5 cm) but I think those in Mora can do something better.


Whether you are young or old, a novice or an experienced woodsman I don’t see any reason why you wouldn’t want one of these in your kit. In fact, I might even go so far as to say this a must have for any bushman, as it’s been used by so many experienced ones over the years.

Kevin Noyes

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