Mora Companion Heavy Duty Review

Mora Companion Heavy Duty Review

The Mora Companion Heavy Duty is much like the craftspeople who make it in Ostnor, Sweden, understated yet hardworking and durable. Is the carbon steel blade with rubber handle and plastic sheath sexy? No! Will it handle most anything you can throw at it without complaint and is priced at a point that most anyone can afford? Yes!


The Companion has a 1/8-inch thick blade that is just over four inches long with a total knife length of nearly nine inches. The knife does not have a full tang but is still able to be used for batoning and other heavy field use. The carbon blade is hardened to 59-60 Rc and ground to a 27-degree edge which makes it not only durable but also easy to sharpen, meaning that this knife will always be at the ready for your every adventure. Because the blade is not stainless steel, you will need to keep it lightly oiled to keep it from rusting.


The handle of the Companion is a little larger than other of the Mora line of knives but the rubber grip is easy to grip when wet or when wearing gloves. The larger handle also gives you the advantage of better blade control. The weight and balance of the Mora Companion are wonderful and give the knife a great overall feel in your hand and make it the perfect choice when you know you will be using a knife for an extended period of time.


While some prefer a leather sheath, the plastic sheath that comes standard with the Mora Companion Heavy Duty is very durable with a friction fit that locks the knife in place through even the toughest abuse. The sheath has a drainage hole at the bottom and a sturdy belt clip for attaching this knife right where you want it. Another advantage of a plastic sheath over leather is the fact that, with a carbon blade, wet leather can cause rust on the blade while the plastic sheath drains and dries quickly and easily.


The Companion is one of those rare knives that can be used in setting up your campsite by cutting small trees and brush to clear a tent site while also being useful to feather wood and split small logs to make a fire while still being sharp enough to be useful in food preparation. It is designed to do all of these chores while not being noticeable on your hip or causing fatigue while in your hand. You can spend a lot more on one knife that would perform as well, or to buy several knives that individually perform the many jobs that the Companion does at a fraction of the price.

This knife will easily become your go-to knife for most camping and outdoor uses because of its weight to sturdiness ratio. It will stand up to heavy use without complaint and keep its razor edge all day long. When you add in the low cost for a knife of this quality, it’s an easy decision to add this knife to your collection or, if you don’t have a camping/survival knife yet, start with the Mora Companion Heavy Duty because you can’t go wrong!

If you’d like to see more reviews on the Mora Companion Heavy Duty then you can find them and the current price over here on Amazon.

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