Tips to Keep Your Knife Sharp

Tips to Keep Your Knife Sharp

Keeping your knife sharp is very important especially since you use it most of the time when you are in the kitchen. When you have a blade that is sharp, it not only gives you the benefit of cutting faster however you also can do the job really well and it is a lot safer.

When a person uses a dull blade, a lot of pressure has to be applied while cutting, this can be really risky as this way you can end up hurting yourself really badly due to the fact that the knife slipped out of your hands as well as it makes the job a little difficult and you do not get the equal size in the shapes. It can also result in you losing a finger also due to the dullness. In order to prevent this, there are a few things that can be done so that the sharpness of the blade remains for a long time. Here are a few tips.

Keep Knives Dry

A knife which is dry is better than a wet one, this is because the blade of the knife is generally made from steel and we all know that over time, steel can rust really badly. Even if you talk about the blades that are made from stainless steel, over the time, the coating that is made from chromium slowly wears off and that can result in it getting rusted. This is why the drier the knife is kept, the better it is as well as the longer it will last.

washing knifeHand Washing and Drying

In order to have the most benefit out of your knife as well as for a longer use, it is always good to wash the knife by hand as well as dry it out. Many times, we either go ahead and put our knives in the dish water or even wash it and leave it to dry on its own. This also results in the blades losing its sharpness and it also results in rust formation.


When you go ahead and wash your knife in the dishwasher the urgent and hot water for a longer time is not is not really good for the sharpness of the knife, apart from that, there is a chance that the knife may rattle around and rub against other utensils during the dishwashing cycle. This is why it is always recommended that you should wash your knife and dry it out immediately by hand.

Carefully Store Your Knives

Just washing your knife and hand drying it is not enough, it is equally important that your knife should be stored properly. Generally we always put our knives in a drawer, what we do not realize is that is not good. When we are looking out for something in particular, there are chances that the knife that is placed inside the draw can rub with the other things that are stored inside which can result in it becoming dull over a period of time. This is why it is always good to store your knife either in a block that is made especially for knives or even a specially designed magnetic stip. This will not only ensure that your knife is safe however it also prevents it from rubbing against anything else. Apart from that, it also is safe as this way you are not at risk to cut yourself when you are pulling something out.

sharpen knife

Use the Right Kind of Cutting Board

Washing and storing your knife are just two out of the many contributing factors that can help maintain your knife. Another important factor that helps in the maintenance of your knife is the kind of board you use for cutting. Wooden boards are considered the best option instead of plastic boards or even the ones that are made from ceramic or glass. For those people who love to eat meat, sanitizing your wooden board is very simple after you are done, all you need is a little hydrogen peroxide and a small drop of vinegar while you are scrubbing and then you can rinse it well.

Sharpening and Using your Knife

It is always good to use your knife only for cutting, do not use it to scrape or push food. Before using your knife, it is always good to sharpen it with the help of a stone or any other such thing that can help in the sharpening process.


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