Bahco Wrecking Knife Review

BAHCO Wrecking Knife

In this article I will present to you a review of a wrecking knife, Bahco Wrecking Knife Review – made by the European concern “BAHCO” (known manufacturer of famous Bahco Laplander saw) is similar in conception to other products on the market (TopQ Craftline Mora Knife Chisel Chisel and Hultafors STK), but the similarities stop there.

List compared to other similar products:

  • Craftline TopQ Chisel
    • Blade length -78 mm
    • Blade thickness – 2.5 mm
  • Hultafors STK Chisel Knife
    • Blade length -72 mm
    • Blade Thickness – 3mm
  • Bahco Wrecking Knife
    • Blade length -100 mm
    • Blade thickness 4 mm

Bahco wrecking tool is a knife, chisel and according to the manufacturer, is 10 cm blade length, blade width of 25mm and a total length of 23 cm. Blade material – SK5 (like Cold Steel Bushman) with a hardness of 58-61 HRC. Geometry blade – sharp chisel edge on one side and geometry – symmetrical cross section (saber grind / “scandal”). It has an ergonomic handle and rubber polypropylene and polypropylene sheath with belt clip and allowing trapping “the button”.

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Bahco Wrecking Knife is a “breaker” for hard work. According to the manufacturer’s claim, the blade can be beaten with a hammer to remove wood quickly or can be used as leverage to remove the door hinges and handles.

With these parameters, I thought to test the tool on a knife used for activities “outdoor” and “camping” taking into account its peculiarities. I’ll come running over batoning, feather stick, even chopping where he did an excellent job but I highlight some features of the tool more special features not found in the rest of knives “outdoor” classic:

As chisel can be used for any occasion when you want a perfect cleaning of surfaces (eg cutting twigs on a stick) also can be used for slots, cutouts, and perforations in wood boards. Holes can be made very easily and can have various shapes (square, triangle or any regular polygon).


As leverage is very effective and can quickly remove large pieces of wood being knocked down in the material. Chisel blade geometry and strength than steel SK5 helps in this regard.

After use, this Bahco Wrecking Knife gives the impression of power and versatility. Hardened steel is well and abundantly doing his job. Edge is particularly tenacious and managed to shave the hair on my hand at the end of the tests, which confirms the high quality of manufacture.

The rubber handle is very comfortable and the guard and cap are made of polypropylene orange (which makes it very visible when it is dropped in the grass). The sheath keeps knife friction and has very good retention. Is provided with drain holes.


After testing Bahco Wrecking Knife, I realized that for a lot of bushcrafters may be the answer many are looking for a tool worked/chiseled closer to the “ideal” or simply a special tool for the workshop of a craftsman working in wood. Its cuts are perfect despite the fact that it is a powerful tool and is suitable for large works fine because of relatively small angle drilling.

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Although Bahco Wrecking Knife seems the result of a genetic mutation of a chisel and a knife is a very powerful and versatile tool with an attractive appearance. Although not knife “of bushcraft” ideal of many, endurance, strength and capabilities of it’s extensive special recommend it as a reliable companion on wild paths away from civilization, where an adventurer can only rely on his knowledge and tools.

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